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writing_prompts's Journal

Writing Prompts
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Having writer's block? Just want to try something fun and new with your writing? Have a great writing prompt that you'd like to share?

Welcome to writing_prompts, the community for writers to share ideas and prompts to spark imagination and inspiration. They can be as little as a random word or maybe an entire structure with rules for each line. Anything that prompts the imagination to write on. Also, these prompts do not have to be just for poetry, prose and other longer forms of writing are just as valuable and welcome in this community. :D

You can also post poetry/prose/essays/etc. that you wrote with a prompt to show how you used it. You never know... your piece may prompt someone else's. Post excerpts of an author's writing that inspired you and what it did for you.

Just a Few House Rules

1. Be kind. Everyone has different styles, views, and beliefs and all should be respected.
2. If your piece is extremely long, respect other's friends pages and use the lj-cut tag. If you do not know about this tag, feel free to ask. No harm in that.
3. Please don't use the community strictly for advertisement. If you know of a website or another lj community that could benefit the members, feel free to let us know, but don't make all of your posts plugs for your site, they take away from what the purpose of this site is.

Share and have fun. That's what writing is all about... having fun and doing what we love. :-D

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